Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day TWO of Five

Did you know that Jane Smiley has published a YA novel? I haven't read it yet, but the reviews are excellent and most readers agree that this is a story enjoyed by children, young adults, and old adults. It's called The Georges and the Jewels (Knopf/Hardcover), and you can order it from Kepler's by clicking on this nifty link: http://www.keplers.com/book/9780375862274

San Francisco-based author Kathi Kamen Goldmark is one of our natural wonders. She not only writes terrific novels http://www.keplers.com/book/9780811843157 but is a gifted singer and guitarist. You can enjoy see her tonight at El Rio, 3158 Mission Street, San Francisco, when she plays with the Los Train Wreck's All-Star Jam. Music from 8:00pm-11:30pm. Tomorrow night, she's appearing with her husband, Sam Barry, as they "braise" (rather than roast) Amy Tan at Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, 8-11PM. It's part of LitQuake. Also appearing are Armistead Maupin, Andrew Sean Greer, Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds), and lots of other literary and musical friends.

Speaking of LitQuake: it's perhaps the most exciting book-related event in the United States. Where else can you meet hundreds of writers, thousands of book lovers, and listen to a reading in a hardware store, clothing boutique, you name it. http://www.litquake.com/

I never intended to have such a focus on anthologies, but I seem to have found that niche, at least for now. This month's Writer's Digest is running my article on how to create an anthology...and how to get yourself invited to contribute to one. If you have any questions at all about this genre, please post your questions. I may know a little about lots of things, but I know lots about that!

The great thing about blogging is that you can edit your own posts! After hearing from Clea Simon, I thought you'd like a brief description of her newest novel: "Shades of Grey" is the first in her Dulcie Schwartz mystery series. Dulcie is a grad student writing a thesis on the Gothic novels of the late 18th Century, but she's a rational young woman. Therefore, it comes as a shock when an apparition that seems to be her deceased cat, Mr. Grey, shows up to warn her, but she ignores his warning, walks into her apartment, and finds a guy she hates (he sublets her place) dead on the floor.

Thanks for reading, and please post questions and comments.


  1. Hi Victoria, thanks for the shout-out! One of the things I love about participating in anthologies is the automatic community created by an anthology's contributors. It's fun to participate in group readings; we all end up learning about and supporting each other's individual projects, too. You've assembled quite a cast of characters for THE FACE IN THE MIRROR, and it's been a delightful adventure.

  2. Hi Victoria!
    As a contributor to your anthologies, I am always thrilled to hear your thoughts on the topic (and on writing in general, natch). It's funny - I should be promoting my new mystery ("Shades of Grey") but right now i'm so caught up in my new project. Haven't written much yet, but I'm trying to write a darker, much more structured mystery and I'm having a hell of a time wrestling it to the ground. I feel with this project, I need to break my usual mode of writing first, thinking later. I want to have more of the structure laid out. But I'm a little worried that I will be in this stage forever and never start writing. This ever happen to anyone?

  3. > I never intended to have such a focus on anthologies, but I seem to have found that niche

    I love your anthologies. I have them all, and each is a collection from first-class, contemporary writers -- beautiful writing, fascinating subjects, and great editing. I'm reading your latest right now.

    I salute you, Victoria -- keep doing anthologies!

    Joan Price

    Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (http://www.joanprice.com/BetterThanExpected.htm)

  4. Kathi, Clea, and Joan...thanks for posting!

    For blog readers, these are three authors with three very different approaches to writing...I've read their books and I recommend them!

  5. Victoria - thanks for the nice words about Litquake! I encourage everyone to come out for our remaining days - which will have plenty of Kathi Goldmark!! :) Tonight is our tribute to Amy Tan, which should be ribald and fun. Full schedule here: http://www.litquake.org/
    xx Jane